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Massage Therapy


Christian’s areas of expertise are in both personal training and massage.  Combining both professions allows for a more individual and hands on approach, providing you with a comprehensive health and fitness program.   





Massage with Christian

Christian’s massage style has been described by many as unique, adopting his own techniques from years of personal and professional experience.  He works closely with his clients to help achieve their desired outcome, whether it’s relieving specific muscle tension, rehabilitation, to delivering a relaxation experience.  Christian’s expertise can provide you with results that positively impact your everyday life. 


Remedial Massage Treatment ~ 60 minutes ~ $110

Initial Consult for Remedial Massage ~ 80-90 mins ~ $130

Relax and Unwind Massage ~ 60 minutes ~ $110

Mobile Service

Fees as above plus travel & set up fee from $45 per visit.

* If two or more sessions booked for same home visit, only one travel fee applies.

Should you choose to use Credit Card, transaction fees will be added to session cost. Cash and direct payment accepted.

Personal Training 

As a Personal Trainer, Christian works in developing safe, structured and personalized training programs that are progressive and goal orientated. Christian incorporates massage techniques post training to help accelerate recovery from lactic acid build up, assisting with muscle fatigue and injury prevention. Clients will feel challenged, supported and inspired to reach their targeted fitness and wellbeing goals.

All Personal Training Sessions are 60 minutes and can include massage techniques to aid recovery, provided at the end of each session.  $80 per session.

*Travel fee may be applied based on client location


Please call Christian direct or via the online enquiry form below to learn more about a personal training partnership.

Should you choose to use Credit Card, transaction fees will be added to session cost. Cash and direct payment accepted.

Body Connect Classes starting on 4th and 7th February, 2024

Personal Training



Register with Christian to kick start your

Health and Fitness Challenge. 


Be guided through

2 personal training sessions 

+ 2  massage sessions per week

over a 30 day period. 


Please contact Christian for your initial assessment. 


Register to be part of a unique 4 week

Massage Challenge with Christian.

Enjoy in the comfort of your own home!


Contact Christian to book an initial 90 minute massage consultation to understand treatment

and massage care goals.


Receive a self-care pack on

making this commitment to yourself.

Contact Christian to customise a program to suit your needs and schedule

* Premium @home Offers *



"There are thousands of massage therapists in North America who could do a good job of working lactic acid out of fatigued muscles and relaxing superior athletes. But, I only know of one who is able to balance the musculo-skeletal frame while infusing positive energy into the mind of the individual. That person is Christian Dykes.


I am a physician who has practiced in Malaysia for the past six years.  There may not be a Wholefoods or 24 hour Fitness here, but we do have outstanding massage therapy available at a fraction of North American rates. In short I am a massage connoisseur, and am very critical of therapists.  Christian introduced himself to me as a “Body Worker” and I remember being sceptical.  An hour later I was asking him how he accomplishes the great effect he had just delivered to my body and mind.  His response was, “it is a passion. I feel connected to my clients and love what I do.”  His therapy goes far beyond removing knots from muscle.  He has a gift."

Dr. Adam Miller –  Dr. Miller shares his experience after his

personalized health retreat in Sechelt, BC, Canada.

"I have bicycled around North America 3 times (50,000 km) to raise awareness for a kinder world! Over the last 30 years I've had many, many massages & over that time two of them easily standout amongst the rest. One was in Sedona, Arizona, by a fellow who was John McEnroe's massage therapist on the Pro Tennis Tour for many years & the other was from Christian Dykes who I continue to see. Without the great work of Christian I doubt I would be able to continue being so active following a knee & hip replacement plus a body filled with arthritis! He is simply amazing & I can't recommend him highly enough!"  


Brock Tully - Co-founder of the Kindness Foundation of Canada Founder & Producer of the World Kindness Concert, Co-Founder of Kindness Rocks in Schools to prevent bullying, three epic bicycle trips including Cycling for Kindness & Cycle it Forward

"Christian Dykes was referred to me by a friend 4 years ago - he introduced me to boxing training. It is one of the best work-outs I've ever practiced and to this day, I still use his methods of training. Christian is most pleasant, knowledgeable, focused but also knows how to lighten things up. I always felt challenged by him but never frustrated.

Additionally, he's an excellent masseuse, one of the best I've ever had amongst numerous registered massage therapists over the years. He listens to your needs and finds the right solution. In my case, he's helped me with shoulder and lower back problems. Finally, Christian's enthusiasm is contagious. His interest goes beyond training and massage as he happily shares with you his wealth of knowledge about food and health in general."

Michel Laflamme

"It's rare to find a personal trainer that not only personalizes your workout to be effective and fun, but one who will also put you through an extremely grueling workout without you feeling it was.


At our first appointment Christian took the time to identify problem areas that I needed to work on and also took time to find out the types of exercise I considered to be fun. He then programmed my workout to accommodate some of those exercises and added others that I now consider fun. Within no time I began to see results.


As a bonus, Christian is personable, funny, and an absolute pleasure to have as a coach."

Winnie Parris

"I have two boys ages 15 and 11 who have trained with a number of different trainers over the past few years. Christian was the first one who got them genuinely excited about the prospect of training. He made it fun and educational while at the same time pushing them to their individual limits and challenging them to be their best.


I would highly recommend Christian to anyone looking for a tier one trainer and massage therapist."

Murray Munro

“Christian gives an excellent massage combining great technique, a deep understanding of the body and an inherent talent as a healer. Having received treatment from various massage traditions, I consider his one of the best.”  

Tarek Toubale

“Christian developed creative, fun and rigorous sessions that became progressively more difficult, and involved a variety of strength training, cardiovascular development and stretching techniques. He facilitated a range of sports and training methods (boxing, Pilates, yoga, etc.) to fulfill my personal preferences and help me achieve my physical goals.  


Christian's positive attitude and amiable personality made him a pleasure to train with. He was always punctual, generous with his time, polite and very accommodating. In addition, his athleticism, vigour and active lifestyle proved a great motivator. Christian is an excellent trainer and I recommend him to you or your organization.”

Sean Nardi

About Me


Christian has been working in the health and fitness industry since 2007. His experience follows a path from Australia to the United Kingdom to Vancouver, Canada, where he is now sharing in his combined knowledge and experience here in Adelaide, South Australia. 


Christian was guided to follow his professional path through his own personal health struggles due to long term lower back pain, having worked many years in the construction industry.  He was searching for a natural therapy that could help treat his underlying issues, later learning that strength and conditioning would play vital roles and be very complementary, while in the care of a massage therapist. Reflecting on his own success and wellbeing, massage and movement has been a tried formula, shaping the way he would help his clients on their own health journey.


Christian moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2007 with his partner Charmaine to explore their dream lifestyle, along with their adventure for travel.  Throughout the seasons, Christian could often be found in nature enjoying snowboarding, snowshoeing, slacklining and hiking on the North Shore to climbing World Class rock in the beautiful Squamish area of British Columbia.  They have recently returned home to Adelaide to be closer to family and look forward to exploring more of South Australia, including some of our local wineries, to the many glorious beaches.



 0473 754 604

Clinic Hours: 

Please click 'Book Now' to view full availability

For appointments outside of schedule availability, or to schedule a 

mobile massage service, please contact Christian via mobile on 0473 754 604.

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